Patriotic America Flag Anchor-shaped Wreath


America Flag Anchor-shaped Wreath for our Navy veteran

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  • Dimension: H:20"x W:19"x D:3.15"

  • Handcrafted:of precision-cut kraft paper

  • Last forever:with a strong sturdy and secure board and fade-resistant materials

  • Protect the wall:foam bumpers included on the back

  • Bright & Shine:Highly detailed and painted in bright colors

"This is absolutely stunning! Gorgeous!"

Be proud sailor, Navy veteran with this beautiful anchor-shaped wreath! Hang it on the door for everyday décor or special celebrations of America’s greatness! 

  • Handcrafted of precision-cut poplar shavings

  • Last forever with a strong and secure board

  • Fade-resistant materials

  • Foam bumpers included on the back to protect the wall

  • Highly detailedbright colors

100% Risk-free Money Back Guarantee

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How long will I receive the wreaths?

Every order is shipped within 7-14 days and deliver via USPS. Due to complications related to the Covid-19 pandemic, some orders can take longer than usual. We at DailySmiley thank you for your patience!

Where do your products come from?

Our products are manufactured mainly in the United States. We still need to outsource in India and China because the wreaths are handcrafted but the volume of orders is so big. We also have warehouses in the US to guarantee fast shipping.

We only source merchandise from socially responsible businesses with ethical manufacturing practices so you won't need to worry about the quality.

What is it made of? Will it last long? Will the color fade?  

Our wreath is handcrafted of precision-cut kraft paper and polystyrene foam, guaranteed to be fade-resistant.

Perfect to use outside day after day, no need to worry about the weather or strong wind. This unbelievable item will be the perfect addition to your space year-round.  

I need help to place an order. How can I contact your store for someone to help me?  

Hi, we are always here to support you. Simply contact us via the chat button in the bottom right.

You can also send us an email to and we will respond right away. Happy shopping with us!

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The super star of any home decoration!


Made of best quality material to us to last you seasons after seasons  


Made of non-toxic materials, safe for the environment, people and animals!  


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